Friday, July 30, 2004

Three Florida Teams in Top 10 of the ESPN/USA Today Pre-Season Poll...and I hate them all!

Im a South Florida fan!

Here is the Top 10

1. USC
2. Oklahoma
3. LSU
4. Georgia
5. Miami
6. FSU
7. Michigan
8. Texas
9. Ohio State
10. Florida

the complete Top 25 can be found here, and unfortunatley for the backer, Notre Dame is in the "others receiving votes"....but that is more than I can say for my beloved Bulls of USF.  Our time will come though.


taken from   Page Six-NY Post (30July04)
BILL O'Reilly's on-air showdown with lefty hero Michael Moore may have pro vided the biggest fireworks of the care fully crafted coronation known as the Democratic National Convention, so it's no surprise that the Fox News Channel star caused a stir at the Creative Coalition bash at Louis Boston the other night. PAGE SIX's Chris Wilson reports O'Reilly seemed like a skunk at the picnic in the VIP section, where diehard Dems Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck (on The Factor), Bianca Jagger, Richard Schiff, Billy Baldwin, Alyssa Milano, Ellen Burstyn and Richard Kind passed through during a performance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Just minutes before a drunken party goer would heckle him for his right-leaning views, O'Reilly told us he didn't feel uncomfortable. "I'm an independent," O'Reilly of fered. "I represent all points of view." And what did he think about the band? "The Red Hot Chili Peppers? I'm more of an R&B kind of guy. I'm going to see Crosby, Stills & Nash next week." Huh? "They're more my speed," he continued. "They're good guys." The folk-fa voring firebrand then turned his atten tion to John Edwards' speech playing on a big- screen TV.

Tune into "the O'Reilly Factor" tonight and see for yourself.  Is Bill O'Reilly an "independent" and does he, "represent all points of view"?


German man Pummels another German man for abiding the law!!!

A German motorist who was abiding the posted speed limit was pulled from his vehicle and beaten for driving too slowly. read here

NFL Camps Opening; Bucs Open Tomorrow

For Full NFL Coverage

For Buc Coverage

For Dolphin Coverage --

Kerry Accepts Nomination

"I will be a commander in chief who will never mislead us into war. I will have a Vice President who will not conduct secret meetings with polluters to rewrite our environmental laws. I will have a Secretary of Defense who will listen to the best advice of our military leaders. And I will appoint an Attorney General who actually upholds the Constitution of the United States."
-John Kerry, July 30, 2004

transcript of full presidential nomination speech here

My Take
-I gotta say, I am much more impressed than I was 24 hours ago with John Kerry.  He showed a forceful and in control presence last night.  He seems to have a plan and articulated it well.

-My favorite line from the acceptance speech was the one listed above.  Whoever is his speech writer did an excellent job at jabbing Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft.

-And he is absolutley correct, no US Soldier should have to call home from the desert and ask mom and dad to purchase body armor.  Absolutley NOT!

-Fox News-You know I watch their coverage, because it makes me LAUGH.  They are so partisan and their claim to be "Fair and Balanced" is funny, simply funny.  This is nothing new though, everybody knows this regardless of their party affiliation.  The coverage last night though, c'mon, they panned on Gray Davis, former California governor, what three times during the Kerry speech.  What point were they trying to make?  And Sean Hannity? well whatever...I am not going to go into, if I do...I will be a democrat by lunch. 

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Triple Dog Dare'ya to be a MORON

Frat boys will be frat boys!!!

The below is from the Associated Press

SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - Two men who were arrested for walking through a Wal-Mart while wearing women's thong underwear blamed the stunt on a "triple-dog dare," authorities said.

The men, ages 35 and 36, bought two pair of underwear at the store Tuesday, went into a bathroom and came out wearing only the thongs and T-shirts, police said.

Witnesses said the men walked through the store and out to their car.

Police caught the men in the parking lot, and reviewed a surveillance tape before arresting them for public indecency and disorderly conduct.

When asked why they were wearing thong underwear, one of the men said a friend "triple-dog dared" them. They will not be prosecuted, authorities said.

Rev. Al could be the difference

Rev. Al Sharpton gave a very impassioned speech last night....a bit over the top at times...but none the less effective.  The full transcript is here! 

The south will obviously be crucial in this election, if he can get the minorities to the polls, there is no doubt, he can be a huge help to the Kerry campaign.  In the 2000 election only 8% of the black vote went to Bush.

Kerry formally accepts nomination TONITE!!!!

Tonight, John F. Kerry will address the Boston Fleet Center and accept the Democratic party's nomination for President of the United States.  While the snooter declines at this time to endorse either candidate and the snooter will not endorse Ralph Nader ever, the snooter will say this....there is a monkey in the white house!

Dope is on the Way!!!!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Barrack Obama, keynote speaker for the DNC....Who is he...and what is with all the buzz!!!  Last night he got the "donkey's" all fired-up at the Fleet Center in Boston.

Conviction in Golf Course Prostitution Ring

Odd story of two individuals who run a golf course.  Imagine "Sales are down....nobody is hitting the links...we need a marketing ploy... beer...nope tried that...carts rather than walk...hmmm...done that...I GOT IT...PROSTITUTES  on holes 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18!!!!"....Well these to geniuses are headed to the clink. 

Jim Rome's take on Golf Course Hookers

Transcript of MOORE v. O'REILLY

Here is the transcript of the meeting between controversial film maker, Michael Moore and The Factor host, Bill O'Reilly....Good, good stuff!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Michael Moore/Bill O'Reilly TONITE on "The Factor"

Where are his Presidential Knee Pads, and Presidential Training Wheels

Yep, he took another spill!!!

DNC Opens with Florida in the Heezee

While Florida figures HUGE (again) in the upcoming November election, delegates from the sunshine state came to Boston with a message. No more hanging chads, but vowed to flog anyone they so desire!!!

Teresa to Address DNC; Vegas has 3-1 odds she tells someone to "SHOVE IT"

Teresa Heinz Kerry gets educated by CBS' Byron Pitts on how to address an audience..."No,no, no Mrs. Kerry, it is just the middle finger of each hand!"

Endearing Moment....sic

you gotta know that they both hated every minute of it

Dolphins fans Duped; Front Office Claims Ignorance; I laugh

Apparently the Miami Dolphins head coach Dave Wannstedt was aware of Ricky Williams' decision to retire on Friday, July 23rd.  The announcement wasn't made public until Sunday, July 25th.  The problem though comes with Saturday, July 25th!!! The day that tickets went on sale for the 2004 Miami Dolphins season. 

GM Rick Spielman and owner Wayne Huzienga claim to not know until sunday of Williams' decision.  But, what are they going to say, "Yeah, our star player retired last night, but would you please buy these tickets today...I mean the season has tons of upside, come watch AJ Feeley our star FA acquisition!"

Now of course, perhaps, they were trying and hoping to talk Ricky out of it...and rightfully so, if you look at most of the marketing propaganda, the pot-smoking tailback was their poster boy...

But you know, I kinda give him props for two reasons:

1.  There is no such thing as a "guaranteed" contract in the NFL.  The ownership has the right to release any player at any time.  And by doing this, Ricky leaves nearly $10 million on the table, and kinda thumbs his nose at Wayne Huzienga and the NFL establishment when he is at the top of his game.

2.  I hate the Dolphins and everything Miami

Dave Wannstedt can go ahead and "fish" for a new job...he is definitley on the hot seat. 

Monday, July 26, 2004

Hotel Porn in Danger -- In Norway

Hotel workers in Norway have had it!!!  They are tired of the shenanigans being pulled by perverts ordering PPV porn.  Read here for details!

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Congratulations Lance!

Lance Armstrong claimed victory for the sixth straight year in the 101st running of the Tour-de-France today, July 25th!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Superman sighting in Michigan

Apparently upset over the long delayed movie to be released, Superman attacked some motorist in Ann Arbor, Michigan! Why, Superman, Why? Shocking Story Here!

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Only in West Virginia!!!
Man + Cigarette + Port-a-potty = EXPLOSION

¡El tiempo de presentar la fuerza armada!

Cuando muchos de ustedes saben, mi tío George Bush corre para la reelección. La palabra en el ponderosa es él está atrás en los sondeos latinas. Así que aquí deberé decir, deberé salir y deberé votar para mi tío. ¡El adora la comunidad latina y no lo puede hacer sin usted!
P. Soy un instrumento de cruzado-ojo

My Idea of a Good Time

This pic was sent in by my homey Jay...With the Running of the Bulls complete for this year it is time to make plans for Pampalona 2005, for a nut-piercing good time!

Kobe has his supporters

Birds of a feather.....

Meet Taurean Charles, LB, Univ. Florida

More college football players doing stupid, stupid things!!!! Apparently, after dishing out a beat-down to a fellow student, Taurean Charles, UF, LB slammed a keg in the FACE of the semi conscious guy as he laid on the ground.   Charles has been suspended indefinitley from the football team. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Real School of Rock now Open

Life imitating art? School of Rock? No Jack Black? You get Jeff Carlisi (who?) of .38 Special? Haven't had a hit in a while?

W Ketchup

Republicans can now enjoy this tasty condiment at BBQ's this summer without fear of supporting the Democratic ticket. Get your W Ketchup at Oh yeah....the "W" is for Washington. Wait a minute, now even OUR condiments are partisan?

Going to "The Trop"

My bizzle at the backer always likes to let you know when he is going to see his boys on the south side....Well today the snooter is going to the "fish tank", "the trop" to take in an afternoon game against that softball team from the bronx (NY Yankees). note...we beat the Bombers 9-7 last night....after averaging about 18,000 for the Baltimore series, 41,755 packed "the trop" last night. So what if 20,877 of them were Yankees fans. Pack 'em in baby!

Yuck no more!

After suffering long growing pains with the professional sports teams in the Tampa area, it appears that the dark cloud has passed!  With the emergence of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2002 Super Bowl Champions) and the Tampa Bay Lightning (2004 Stanley Cup Champions) the bay area is taking on a new reputation!  That of a winner!  Support your home town teams!  Go to a Devil Rays (45-47, 3rd AL East) game, you schmucks!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Florida Redneck Assaults Girlfriend with GATOR!

This is unbelievable!!! No way to treat a Trailer Park Princess!!!

Howard Stern debuts in Tampa Bay; Bubba runs for Sheriff of Pinellas County

Shock jock Howard Stern brings his show to Tampa Bay debuting on WQYK-1010am today! This brings a brand of radio that has been missing in the bay area since Bubba the Love Sponge was canned by Clear Channel earlier this year. To fill his free time, Bubba has decided to run for County Sheriff of Pinellas County!!!

Meet Adam Gourley!!!

This moron....also a football player for Oklahoma State University...decided to take some target practice with a BB Gun by shooting HUMANS!!!! Read Jim Rome's "take" here.

the Guv-NAH of Caleeeeforneeeya speaks!!!

The Governor of California and star of the critically acclaimed cinematic masterpiece Kindergarten Cop called members of the California legislature girly men?

Friday, July 16, 2004

Doing Time!!!!!

Martha Stewart sentenced to five months in prison (appeals pending of course)....Interestingly enough a petition letter asking for a presidential pardon was sent to President Bush prior to sentencing.

Justice and Liberty for All

Published on Saturday, March 13, 2004 by the Brattleboro Reformer (Vermont)

Little Martha and Big George

by Stephen F Minkin 

On March 6, 2004, the New York Times published an editorial entitled “Courtroom Tales of Martha’s Lies…”. It states that her persecution “was not about unfairly targeting a celebrity defendant but about enforcing the transparency of the financial markets.” The Times also commented on how “the trial depicted a cozy world where insiders routinely use their wealth and connections to benefit from insider information.”

Isn’t that the American way? In June 1990, George W. Bush sold 200,000 shares of Harkin Energy stocks while he sat on the oil company’s board as a member of its audit committee. He unloaded his shares before the price plummeted and while outside investors were unaware of the company’s desperate situation. Mr. Bush later blamed his lawyers and the “loss of documents” by the Securities and Exchange Commission when it was discovered that he failed to disclose the $848,560 sale within the time required by law. He used most of the proceeds to pay off a loan he had taken out the previous year to buy a partnership interest in the Texas Rangers baseball team. The SEC, suspicious about the timing of these events, opened and then abruptly closed its investigation. A letter to his lawyers informed the future president that the decision to end the investigation should “in no way be construed” as exonerating him. George Bush Sr. was then president while the SEC Chairman was a family friend and sometime legal advisor.
Martha Stewart was convicted of an attempted cover-up. She had taken for granted the fact that American aristocrats now and then bend the rules governing insider-trading. Her crime, however, pales in comparison with what we already know about the President’s and his Vice President’s abuses of privilege for self protection and the pursuit of wealth. Mr. Cheney ran the Halliburton Corporation when the company reportedly bribed Nigerian officials for lucrative oil-related contracts. He continues to hide the minutes of the so-called “Energy Taskforce”, a convocation of plugged in, insiders who have chosen to remain anonymous.

It will be interesting to see if John Kerry and the media challenge Mr. Bush on Martha Stewart. Will they ask him to spell out how his activities at Harkin Energy differ legally and ethically from the insider-trading and attempted cover-up by the queen of image and good taste. Ms Stewart, according to the findings of a jury, attempted to conceal the truth about dumping ImClone stocks following an illegal tip from her broker that the president of the company was dumping his shares. If Mr. Bush as a board member knew the precarious nature of Harkin’s finances when he sold his shares, he would be guilty of defrauding clueless investors .
Ms. Stewart’s misfortunes are focusing attention on insider-trading. This may help shed light on the murky abuses of those who are not only rich and famous but also truly powerful. It is clear that the President, an insider, profited from the sale of his Harkin shares while outsiders who invested in the company lost millions of dollars. Even a Dick Cheney cannot hide these well known facts.
The burning question is, was George W. Bush also able to use the full force and power of the SEC chairman and/or his father’s presidency to save his own neck from prosecution? It is time for the SEC to release all documents pertaining to the agency’s decision to end the investigation of what the President knew before he unloaded his Harkin Energy shares. Otherwise we are left with a nearly palpable impression that, compared to the cover-up of the President’s insider-trading, Martha Stewart’s misdeeds are really small change.

Election 2004

Three and a half months to go!!!  We need to do this thing right this time!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

30 Years Ago It Was a BIG Deal

Now....Barry can hit baseballs there, Marion can run there, and Romanowski can carry it on his shoulders...But it was a big f@$%n deal, once!

The Infidel Stomp

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Head West Young Man!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Snooter

Believe...The Snooter has arrived!!!